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About Aningri

In 2016 I rode a little Kawasaki KZ305 out west with a tent and little else strapped to the back of the bike. It was on that trip that I conceived the idea for Aningri—jewelry for women like me, who wear work boots as well as heels and are handy with both a curling iron and a chainsaw. (Truth be told, I’m probably better with a chainsaw.) A few months later I came home and began designing jewelry.

Aningri is jewelry for women like you, who work hard, live deeply, play long, love to the bone, laugh til it hurts, and cry a fair bit too. You know how to solve problems, nurture what needs nurturing, take the reins, and trust your intuition.

When I’m not at my workbench working with metal or out exploring the world, I’m writing. I have a bachelor’s in journalism, and I’m in the middle of an MFA in creative nonfiction at Seattle Pacific University.

Aningri was born around the idea of movement, forward motion, the tension between home and the open road, and knowing that sometimes going home is a good way forward. Thank you so much for supporting my work.

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