The Resistance Bangle

The Resistance Bangle


Sometimes you’ve got to resist.

This is the Resistance Bangle. It’s a weighty thing. It clanks. Clunks, even.

Maybe resistance isn’t what you first think of in terms of movement, forward motion, progress. But it’s a part of progress. Weeding a garden is resistance against chaos. Maintenance is resistance against decay. When you’re climbing—a wall, a hill, a flight of stairs—you’re resisting gravity.

Resistance is not simply a holding back, but an active working against. Much progress is made through resistance.

Much of what we do actively is resistance in a positive form: empathy is resistance against apathy; climbing is resistance against gravity; flossing is resistance against tooth decay: prayer can be resistance against what seems inevitable.

It’s not simply a pushing back against. It’s not simply holding a line. No, resistance is movement. Forward.

You can wear this bangle loose on your wrist, or how I like to wear it, pushed up on my forearm, making use of friction to keep it in place. When it’s tucked up under the sleeve of my sweater I like that it’s sometimes visible—when I have my sleeve pulled up, and sometimes not—something only I’m aware of.

Let this weighty piece of solid sterling silver remind you of what you want to accomplish, why you’re doing what you’re doing.

When it hangs loose on your wrist, let it remind you that resistance is active. When it’s secure on your forearm, let it remind you that resistance holds strong.

Includes one solid sterling silver Aningri Friction Collection Resistance Bangle.

Size: 8-inch inner diameter.

Smaller and smaller diameters are available upon request (see “contact” link at bottom of page. It would be most helpful if you know what diameter you would like.

This bangle is made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Free shipping and returns.

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