The Work Ring

The Work Ring


The Work Ring

The Friction Work Ring is a sterling silver ring you (probably!) don’t have to take off to get your work done. You can leave it on while you knead the dough, wash the dishes, feed the animals, cuddle the children, dig in the garden, do the laundry, change the oil on your motorcycle, pitch the hay.

You can put it on and go about your work. You might forget about the ring until a glint of light catches it, reminding you that you are a woman, beautiful, unique, and feminine in the best way.

This ring is also a nudge back to the heart of your own work, a refocusing on the nexus of what it is you want to accomplish, that thing of your own that you’re thinking about and working toward. I wear mine as a nudge to remind myself that friction is necessary for forward motion—without it your wheels spin and you get nowhere.

This ring is a little love note from me to you—a sliver of precious metal to carry with you as you go about your day. A slim reminder of the light you bear, the strength of your resolve, and the value of your work—your everyday work and your creative work.

You bring to this life what only you can. Whatever it is you do or dream of doing, no one else can do it quite like you.

Included: One sterling silver Friction Work Ring, width: 2.06, height: 1.02mm

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