The Strong Ring

The Strong Ring

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You are strong.

You are strong enough.

The strength of your resolve is great.

The work of your hands is good.

You are strong enough to think beyond what is seen and known—to possibility and strategy and peace.

You are strong enough to swim this current.

You are strong enough to get to the other side.

You are strong. Strong enough.

The Strong Ring is solid sterling silver. It has weight and heft. Where the Work Ring is understated and elegant, the Strong Ring is substantial and extravagant. This ring does not disappear on your hand—it takes up space and settles in.

This is a ring you can feel. It’s THERE, in bold and all caps. It takes up a lot of space, runs into things. It has heft, weight. It clunks. Each ring is a little unique, and as you wear it the ring will take on its own patina, gathering memories of where you’ve been and visions of where you’re going.

It’s a ring you’ll want to wear every day.

Wear it, and be prepared with an answer when people ask if they can try it on.

Included: one sterling silver Friction Collection Strong Ring. High polish finish—the Strong Ring will take on a patina as you wear it, marking the pattern of your life.

Sizes marked “Custom” are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Silver dimensions: 6.50mm x 3.25mm.

Free shipping and returns.

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